Membership Site- The 24 Hour Sales Machine

Ahhhhh, what a beautiful morning! It was nice to get a few extra hours of sleep.

Last night was great too. You had a fantastic time with your lover, out on the town. It’s always nice to relax after a good work day. And boy, that cheesecake last night was spectacular! Can’t wait to go back.

Then, snuggling next to the fire, and reading a great book together.

The best part, I was making money the entire time!

This didn’t happen by accident. It took a whole lot of hard work, dedication, and trial and error. But now I have my 24 hours sales machine. Now I can work on steady growth, maintenance, management, and continue to see the income pour in.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the typical life of a 24/365 Sales Machine Salesman.

I maintain, and always will, that building a membership site, and a brand, and a business for that matter is not easy.

However, once you complete this sort of business model (assuming you don’t fail) you’ll see a continuous flow of cash to your business, and hopefully, to yourself as well.

What defines such a sales machine? Here are some key elements.

Internet Storefront

First off, we must assume that you have a website capable of doing such things. Consider this website to be your digital ‘brick and mortar’ business. It will take just as much maintenance and care as a physical building would.

The upstart costs are a lot cheaper, however.

Maintenance, between refreshing the design and having a team to keep it running, is somewhere about the same as a physical store.

Then the costs of having it powered by a quality host and CDN, that’s another thing as well.

But it’s all doable.

Automated Fulfillment

When a customer buys a product on your website, the entire fulfillment process should be automated. Since we are speaking directly here about membership sites, we’re going to assume that you have a digital product that you’re selling, and the customer is essentially unlocking access to that digital product by purchasing through your system.

The moment a customer hits your store, to them getting their content after having purchased, the ENTIRE process should be automated.

Yes, things will come up that are tiny anomalies in the system that you can’t really control and will have to give special attention to. Truth is, you’ll get a wide variety of users and some will do odd, odd things with your website.

For 99.9% of your customers, the beginning and end of the transaction should require no intervention on your part.

Stellar Customer Service

When someone does have an issue, or a question, or a website bug, you need to have a team (even if it’s yourself at first) that can WOW that customer with service.

Be proactive about their issues, fixing things without their asking. Be kind and generous. Also be excited that out of all of the businesses they could have chosen, they chose to do business with you.

Make it personal.

Treat them like gold, expect the same in return. You’ll be surprised just how fulfilling this part of the business is.

Optimize Marketing

Your marketing machine should be working around the clock to get you more sales, higher conversions, and better retention.

Marketing is such a huge subject, I wouldn’t dare to even try and start into it today.

The best I can do for now is to simply tell you that you should be getting familiar with things like remarketing, landing page optimization, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media, and a number of other resources out there.

These topics are industries in and of themselves, but you as a businessman, especially an online businessman, should be focused on marketing. It’s how you’ll grow. It’s how you’ll survive.


I know we’re only scratching the surface here and bringing up the idea of a ’24 hour sales machine’. I can tell you that it is possible. I know you can do it.


What scares you most about the difficulties you’ll face in the long journey to getting a 24 hour sales machine? What freedom are you hoping that this sales machine will give you?

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