I’m available for hire. These are the following services I can help with.

Platform Setup

Struggling getting WordPress setup, or need help setting up your membership software? I can give you tips not only on what software to buy, but how to set it up for best success. I’ll set you straight.


Need help getting started blogging? I can assist you in forming a unique content strategy that will speak to your market, culture and will bring great purpose to what you do.

Business Planning

Building a membership site, and any website for that matter, is a business. You may lack the typical brick-and-mortar, but it’s a business nonetheless. With my years of online experience, I can teach you how to run lean and powerful to make your dollar reach it’s greatest impact.

Culture and Branding

Building a business to last? You should be. What are the core reasons you’re doing what you’re doing? I’ll can assist you in finding those.