Vision and Purpose

In the day-to-day grind of building, maintaining, revamping, and marketing our online businesses, we start to degrade a part of us over time that is absolutely essential.

That part?

The vision and purpose that got us here in the first place.

Yes, there are so many things to be done when it comes to building a successful brand online, especially a thriving membership site. That kind of business in and of itself posses many issues.

We can’t truly move forward, and grow, or get to our ultimate destination without continually and intentionally living on Vision and Purpose.

You’ll find that purpose is directly connected to vision. Vision is the execution, while purpose is the reason for doing what you do.

One cannot survive without the other. As we go through what defines and how to find your vision and purpose, keep that in mind.

What is Vision?

What is vision when it comes to an online business? Vision is looking in the future, seeing the challenges in your niche/industry, and crafting your business so you can profit from that future.

You are to become an oracle of sorts. You need to develop a knack for seeing into the future, answering the hard questions, and leading those who believe in your vision as well.

How do I find my vision?

Some people say entrepreneurs are born entrepreneurs. To a certain extent, I would almost agree because upbringing has such a large part of who we eventually become. But I do believe it can be learned.

In that sense, I believe everyone is an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs have a clear vision, even if only on a daily or weekly basis. That vision is tightly connected to their purpose.

But how does one find that vision?

Here are some ideas:

  • Disconnect and take time to think.
  • Pull your hands back from the keyboard, and just stare at your work. Investigate it, dissect it, think about it. This is time well spent!
  • Keep up on current events in your niche. Ask yourself, “what is the status quo, and how do I break it?”
  • Mindmap your ideas.
  • Write down EVERY idea that comes in your head.
  • Share your ideas with others.

We are incredibly creative creatures. You’ll be surprised the ideas you’re able to come up with if you simply get rid of the distractions, and ask yourself how you can interrupt the status quo.

What is Purpose?

Purpose isn’t so much a what as it is a ‘why’. Why am I in this niche in the first place? Why do I need to be doing this business, instead of someone else? Why do I care?

As great as vision is, and as far as it can take us (pretty far), we will never truly get there without some deeper core purpose.

You know when you find your purpose, or you’re getting close. You’ll be incredibly motivated to jump out of bed and work each morning. The topic will consume your thoughts, your prayers, even during your free time.

On a human level you’ll want to right some wrong, or fix something that has long been broken.

Purpose will become your true driving factor behind what you do. Vision is how you will carry it out.

How do I find my purpose?

Finding your purpose is almost a spiritual experience. For some people, they will often have to hit rock bottom before they’re able to find their purpose. For others, you’ll discover you knew your purpose all along, but it is simply more clear to you now.

Here are some ideas for finding purpose:

  • Volunteer your time with the type of customers you may have. Learn who they are, they’re challenges, concerns.
  • Look into your past and ponder why you started to love this type of thing in the first place.
  • Find other passionate people that believe in similar things, and learn from them.
  • Go out in nature, and just think. Think about your life, your goals, and what you want to have achieved when it’s all said and done.
  • Find those things that send shivers down your spine when you think about them, and keep delving into the subject as you chase those feelings.


Vision and purpose are huge. I wouldn’t do what I do every day if I didn’t have some sort of purpose, but also the vision to be able to carry it out.

As you discover your vision and purpose, it’ll make all the other tasks you have to do in order to build your brand, business and membership site that much easier.

For you will know where you are going. And you will know why.


This will be an AWESOME discussion (if you participate). What is your vision and purpose? I’d LOVE to hear, even the specifics of your niche. Go on, let it out!

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