Is your Membership Site a Buffet or 5 Star Restaurant?

Two lines of people. Both equally hungry and needing some nourishment. Both with basic human needs, similar life stories. All with common challenges, heartache and hopes.

Two lines of the same thing: regular, everyday, great people.

Line #1

In the first line, we have this wonderful group of individuals that are checked in at the buffet restaurant. It’s great here! It’s all you can eat, 83 different kinds of drinks, and a long list of desserts.

Now the family goes and sits down. There isn’t even a plate on the table, or a drink. Their might be silverware, but probably not.

Everyone sits there awkwardly in this ‘what’s next’ moment, after having sat down to an empty table. Then someone quips, “Welp, guess we better eat!”- and everyone else follows.

The rest of their experience will be entirely dependent on their actions.

They’ll be devoid of recommendations on the cuisine, drink selection, a warm smile from a waiter, the constant care of the hostess and other eager staff.

It’s simply up to them from here on out.

In other words, they are just another part of the herd. A proverbial cow or bull being fattened up, fed, nourished.

Pay it. Cram it. Cram it more. Leave.


Line #2

In the second line, there is an equally as wonderful group of people that just checked in to the cities best restaurant. Wow, the view from up here is fantastic! The lighting is romantic, and gee, that hostess sure did have a big, pretty smile! She seems genuinely kind!

You’re led to your seat, where you sit down to find a variety of warm rolls and choice of spread. The hostess sets down your menus and starts pouring you’re water while asking, “may I get you anything to drink? I recommend the (insert incredibly expensive, unrecognizable beverage name here)”.

Great eye contact, so warm, seems happy to be working here.

“No thank you, for me it’ll just be water”. (as per usual)

You then browse the menu of carefully crafted appetizers of surf, turf and air. Goodness, it all sounds great!

As you order your food, and partake of morsel-after-morsel, you find yourself letting the delicacies melt in your mouth. No reason to force this bite down, it’s too good to let go of just yet!

The evening melts away in a fond string of memories filled with laughter, old stories, insane food, a comfortable location, and so much more.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

You have a choice with your members.

First, you can choose to cram them through the door, and then you’re done.

Second, you can choose to make every step of your process completely and totally awesome.

From the second they hit your website (restaurant), meet the hostess (your first impression), to getting sat down at the table (the welcome), to getting a menu and drink choices (a clear ‘what to do next’ on the website), eating the first appetizer (your product), and the list goes on.

The choice should be obvious.

Of course, if you are the type of person that wants to take the money and run, and you aren’t really interested in building a lasting brand, then by all means, go ahead and just get them through the door.

It just won’t last.

It’ll phase out, and then you’ll be onto the next thing, starting over again.

My point here is to give you one simple, simple thought:

Your Members Matter.

  • Treat them like gold.
  • Make the experience fantastic.
  • Allow them to feel warmly welcomed with human-like marketing.
  • Get them excited about the product.
  • Make the product the best it can be.

Drive your message forward moment after moment in each and every action that user performs when dealing with your brand.

Every step counts.

And you’ll keep them coming back, time and again.


Be honest. Is your membership site a buffet or fancy restaurant? Explain why it is what it is, and what you can immediately do to fix it.

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