Build a “12th Man” Membership Site

Yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks absolutely destroyed the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl. XLVIII. Were you as surprised as I was? Wow, what a rout! (Sorry Broncos fans)

I’m always asking myself, “How does this particular situation related to business?” Especially, “How can this help me build a better membership site?”

There are some takeaways from this game I think are worth considering that can help you build a membership site.

Here they are:

“12th Man”

The funnest thing about this entire Super Bowl season has been seeing just how excited Seahawks fans are about their team.

Heck, Boeing painted their largest aircraft, a 747-8f in Seattle colors, only to fly it around the entire state of Washington, writing a gigantic “12” with their route!

It’s obvious this team has built an incredible culture that I haven’t seen matched by many other NFL teams. Granted, they are really good right now, so a lot of people are coming out of the woodwork and calling themselves Seahawks fans.

But I digress.

The excitement has been truly contagious.

What can YOU do to make your brand, and your message for your membership site, contagious?

I’d say at the end of the day it all comes down to ‘why’ you’re doing what you’re doing- not the what, but they ‘Why’.

Your inner culture is just as important as your outward appearance. In fact, it’s much more important!

If you can figure out a way to genuinely connect with your customers and create a culture around your product, idea or service, then it’ll go a long way to creating lasting members, with high retention.

Great Leadership

Coach Pete Carroll. What a cool guy! Did you know he’s the second oldest coach in the NFL? The way he runs up and down the sideline, it sure doesn’t look like it! This guy is energetic, focused, and really loves his players.

Are we energetic and excited about the brand we represent? Are we not only ecstatic about the product, but also the people that help build that product?

Are we also 100% bought into the idea that our “12th Man”, aka, our tribe, followers, subscribers, or members are a huge contributor to everything we do?

Leaders Lead. It’s that simple. They know the vision, they live the vision, they personify that vision and the rest follow.

Let’s you and I do the same. Our membership platforms will be that much more robust and long lasting as a result.

No-Name Team

Did you know that not one person on the Seattle Seahawks had ever appeared in a Super Bowl, let alone won one? Even the Head Coach, Pete Carroll, was fired twice from the NFL.

Yes, all of these guys won ‘the big dance’ for the first time ever- the first time they played.

If that is not a sign that there is something to learn from these guys about how to ‘win’ ourselves, I don’t know what is!

I would describe this team as energetic, outspoken, confident, disciplined, creative, fun, and organized.

Are these not adjectives that we want for ourselves, in whatever we do, let alone internet business?

Of course they are!


Sorry Broncos fans, I was really trying to root for your team throughout the game to at least show up. It didn’t happen.

Seattle Seahawks are just made of the right stuff this year.

They came in with all the right intangibles and tangibles.

Better luck next year.

In the meantime, let’s learn something about this whole experience, and see if we can’t replicate it for our own membership sites.


Be honest. What team does your website and brand resemble? Are you the Seahawks or the Broncos?

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