Don’t Kid Yourself- Design Matters

[leap_p]Competition is tough. The ‘other guys’ have great products, great customer service. It’s ALMOST as good as yours. Some prospective customers can’t tell the difference.[/lead_p]

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Really hard. But it seems like you’re just another commodity in your niche.

If there was one thing you could do to set yourself apart from your competition, in any niche, in any business, would you do it?

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Build a “12th Man” Membership Site

Yesterday, the Seattle Seahawks absolutely destroyed the Denver Broncos to win Super Bowl. XLVIII. Were you as surprised as I was? Wow, what a rout! (Sorry Broncos fans)

I’m always asking myself, “How does this particular situation related to business?” Especially, “How can this help me build a better membership site?”

There are some takeaways from this game I think are worth considering that can help you build a membership site.
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