Write It Down, NOW

[leap_p]You know it’s happened before. You’re laying there in bed, staring at the ceiling, all of these incredible thoughts pouring into your mind. So many great ideas, with many sub-great ideas attached, with several immediate action items you can take.[/lead_p]

All things that will help you create a stronger business, earn more money, and create a better life.

You may even be out on your morning run or walk, thinking about a great idea. You could be in church, or a rock concert, or a restaurant.

Wherever You Are


Those thoughts will expire. That awesome idea that you can’t possibly forget, you will forget. I’ve had ideas that were so mind-blowing and business-changing that I thought I could never forget them.

Hours later, I would struggle and struggle, only to realize the thought was gone, praying that it may some day come back.

What to Capture

Is it just the mind-blowing thoughts you should write down? Absolutely not. Just business ideas? No way.

Here is what you should capture:

  • Any action items- personal, business, or otherwise
  • New business ideas- products, improvements, things to study
  • Marketing ideas- article topics, ad strategies, optimizations
  • Goals- write down your yearly, monthly, weekly, daily goals. Review often.
  • Places to go- things you want to see and do
  • Fun- fun things you want to do. Nothing wrong with having fun!

Don’t question yourself. Don’t evaluate the validity of a product idea. Just write it down, and record it. Make it simple.

As soon as the thought pops into your head, WRITE IT DOWN!

Where to Capture

I find the old paper and pencil method to be FAR too inconvenient in today’s digital world. My iPhone goes absolutely everywhere with me, so that’s where I record my thoughts.

Any smart phone will do.

Here is a list of ways to capture:

  • Use an app called Clear. This is my favorite. Totally simple.
  • Use default note taking apps like Apple’s Notes.
  • Whatever you use, make sure it backs up to the cloud.
  • Having a note taking app that syncs to ALL your devices is ideal.

Really, you can use any app you want. These are just the apps I choose. There are a lot of great apps for note taking or to-dos out there.

I really like to keep it super simple.

Many apps overcomplicate this process and focus far too much on organization rather than the simplicity of getting thoughts recorded.


You’re meant to put down these notes, thoughts and ideas with the premise that you won’t need to immediately use them. That doesn’t mean you should let them slide into the digital abyss, never to be seen again.

Rather, you’ll want to review these notes every now and again. Some more often than others.

Here is a list of how to review:

  • Goals- review these often, even daily. These are big things to keep track of, and at the forefront of your mind. Make sure to not have TOO many goals. Thing long term, big picture.
  • Business- I review business items often, as much of what I write down will immediately impact my business for the better. I then create these thoughts and ideas into action items.
  • Do Someday- Just because it’s a to-do, doesn’t mean it needs to be done now. I call this ‘do someday’. It means it’s not urgent, and you can get to it when you’re focused on that work.
  • Do Now- pick up the kids, clean up the dog doodoo in the yard, dinner with friends today. Things that need to be done today, tonight, tomorrow, or very soon. (I think I struggle with this one the most. Life often seems too fast to be writing that much down. Good on you if you can keep up and keep organized!)


Whatever you choose to write down, on whatever app, it doesn’t matter. The key is WRITE IT DOWN! Right when it comes to your mind, don’t hesitate.

I find the only way to truly settle my entrepreneurial mind during those sleepless nights is to get the thoughts written down, letting it all go, but not into nothingness.

I later find nuggets of great inspiration and ingenuity that I can use to grow a better business, live a better life, and stay on track with long term goals I know will bring me joy.


Are you in the habit of writing things down when they come to mind? Do you think this strategy will help you? Any other tips you’d like to share with others?

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