Internet Kills Productivity- Disconnect and Work

It’s been 44 minutes. I don’t know it, but if someone was watching me browse Facebook and over my shoulder, they’d know it.

DAGNABIT! I was supposed to be writing. I was supposed to be doing something productive, and moving forward. Now that part of my day is gone. And I can’t get it back.

Truth is, I love the internet. The internet can be like an addiction for me. It’s so incognito, this little vice, that it’s often so hard to detect.

I’ll be doing even useful things, if you will, learning about my topic of choice by watching educational videos or reading great articles. I might even be making lasting connections and communications on HootSuite with all the different social media outlets that I track for the businesses I run.

I can keep myself busy. Always. Even if it’s not ‘entertainment’.

But am I really getting anywhere? Am I really working toward an eventual purpose for my brand?

Usually, the answer is no. Usually I’m too distracted with everything else going on online that I fail to recognize the one key task that I SHOULD be doing.

Instead, I do 10 other tasks that, although they get SOMETHING done, they aren’t helping me work on my critical path.

That’s when I came up with this novel, unique, and totally insane idea:



“What? Really? You mean I shouldn’t have things open? What if someone needs me? What if I get a support ticket? What if I get a Skype call? OH NO!”

You get the point, so I digress.

The point here is that even a few hours of concentrated, uninterrupted work each day can go a LONG way in assisting us in moving forward in our businesses.

Otherwise, we’re pointed aimlessly, acting busy, but not getting anything done.

Disconnecting can be done in several very simple ways:

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi on your device
  2. Put your phone in airplane mode
  3. Schedule a ‘sacred’ time for FOCUS each day. No one gets to interrupt it. No one.
  4. (Find that program)
  5. Find a regular time and place where you can work without distraction.
  6. Wear something that makes you feel creative. I wear an old hoodie from my favorite american football team.
  7. Set your timer.
  8. TEAR. IT. UP!

Yeah, these are really simple tips, but they really will go a long way to help you get things done. For me, what I REALLY want to get done is writing. Above is very much what my writing routine looks like.

I can go through the rest of the day, knowing I’ve already achieved my BIG thing for the day, which is moving forward with my creative content. Then I can do all the other busy work.

Simple steps, really not too novel, but they sure do work if you have the discipline to implement them!


What are your routines? How do you setup your time, environment, and simple habits so that you work on the things you MUST work on each day?

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