Don’t Kid Yourself- Design Matters

[leap_p]Competition is tough. The ‘other guys’ have great products, great customer service. It’s ALMOST as good as yours. Some prospective customers can’t tell the difference.[/lead_p]

You’ve worked hard to get where you are. Really hard. But it seems like you’re just another commodity in your niche.

If there was one thing you could do to set yourself apart from your competition, in any niche, in any business, would you do it?


Yes, Design.

You see, there is such a lack of understanding out there about design, that very few take it seriously.

Many think design is a matter of getting into Microsoft Word, getting some clip art, and creating a log.

Then, choosing their favorite colors.

YAY! We’ve designed.


Truth is, design is so much more than that. Design should be one of the most crucial organs in the body of your business- one your business cannot live without.

What is Design?

Design is an attitude, purpose, and necessity. Design in your business means that you not only get your branding in line with your company message and culture, but also that design goes throughout all of your business, even that which isn’t visual.

Designing a great product means creating something new and wonderful for the world to enjoy. It doesn’t start with the visual. It starts with the ‘reason’ that item needs to be designed in the first place. And then creating the solution for that reason in a beautiful way.

Designing a great logo means getting across the message of your brand. A logo can and should be powerful. It should be noticeable. The quality of a good logo speaks to the quality of your business, and therefore, the quality of your product.

Designing a great typeface (important for online business) means that the content of your words is not only crafted, but also the readability and consumption quality of the words are easy and natural on the eyes.

Designing a great user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) starts with the purpose of what you’re trying to do with that interface, what you want that user to actually experience, and then designing it visually in a way that allows the user to flow naturally through the product or service.

The list goes on. Design is in everything. It matters in everything. Every word, every logo, every product, every pixel, it matters.

How Does it Affect My Brand?

Great branding and design will send the message that you as a business have your sh$% together.

Just think of the last time you were in a different city looking for a place to eat. You ignored the hand-written sign that said, “#1 BBQ” and instead went to the place that didn’t have cheesy slogans.

This place had a well designed restaurant, great logo, beautiful menu, welcoming staff, and decent food.

The other place may have very well been the #1 Rated BBQ on Yelp in that area. But without that knowledge, we always default to the visually pleasing.

Like yourself, other customers will exhibit this behavior as well.

Now, I understand we aren’t working with a brick and mortar business when creating a membership site. But the principles are the same.

You’ll need to have a great logo, message, and basic branding.

You’ll need to have a useful color scheme that speaks to the needs of your customers, as colors evoke certain emotions linked to buy behaviors.

You’ll need a fantastically designed website.

You’ll need to put a lot of focus on the user experience before, during, and after using your product.

You’ll need to make an intuitive and simple user interface.

And all this, with a common thread message and purpose that your company is taking forward.


Design matters. At this time it’s not my purpose to give you tips on where to get things designed, or how, etc. Rather, I’d like to simply put the ball in your court and give you a challenge.

Look around you. Everything. Every item, every piece of nature, every ad, every logo, every website, any picture. Can you tell the difference between bad, mediocre, great, and unmatched design? What makes these things fall into that category?

If you aren’t committed to having great or unmatched design, maybe not at first, but as soon as possible, then you WILL struggle more than you need to in business.

Design is in everything. It’s part of the human condition to love and appreciate beautiful things.

And, open up our wallets to appreciate them more.


How do you best appreciate design? What part does design have in your business?

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