How to Charge What You’re Worth

An app for 99 cents, a soda for 1.46, lunch from the dollar menu, and finding the cheapest gas in town. Yes, we live in a ‘I want it cheapest’ world.

Not everything comes cheap, however. Those things of quality, you know, the artful and noticeable things, they can come at a premium.

Are you going to make an artful thing or a regular thing? Are you making a commodity or an ‘only’?

When you are the ‘only’ in your space, you can charge a premium. No one (at least those I associate) charges more than their fair share. That doesn’t mean you can’t charge what you’re worth.

Assuming you’re just starting out, you should be setting the expectation for your business early. Those expectations are:

  • Product quality should be insanely great
  • Customer service should be smooth, stellar, and noticeable
  • The overall experience should be memorable

Have those things, and you can charge for it. Customers will come crawling back for more.

Decide Now

Before you get started, of if you’re taking a radically new direction, decide now what you want to charge and what will work for you.

You can spend 15 hours a day working on your product, charge $1 per download, and only sell 15 downloads. You just worked for $1 per hour, and the government couldn’t care less- minimum wage doesn’t apply here.

The work you put in is either worth it, or it’s not.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Now it’s time to build the product to match that quality. Put in the right amount of work, then go the extra mile to make it special.

Truly, it’s not rocket science. You do need to be deadly honest with yourself. Cut corners if you’d like, but your customers will be unforgiving.

Make something stellar, and you’ll keep them coming back.


Now you’re the pizza delivery man. You’ve just created your awesome digital pizza- hot, steamy and cheesy- and it’s time to deliver.

On time, on budget, high quality, and selling a lot of pizzas- that’s a recipe for success!


How do you feel about charging what you’re worth, delivering a quality product, and having stellar customer service?