You want to start a membership site. You’ve read all the sites about starting an online business, your podcast library is chucked full, and your Kindle Library is out of control. 4 Hour Work Week is a Holy Book of Record.

Ideas are swarming, plans are being made, readers are subscribing, posts are getting liked and retweeted- everything is going just as planned!

Aaaaand you cannot seem to wrap your head around this whole ‘membership site’ idea.

With all the different software out there, ideas on building a product, and even down to the details of how to run a membership business, it’s just all TOO much.

All fluff, not enough people giving advice that have actually BEEN there and DONE that.

Let me tell you right up front- it’s not easy, but it can be done.

learn to build membership sites with member startup

My name is Chris Palmer. I’ve been an internet entrepreneur going on 8 years now. I got my start early with information products for aviation, before there was even the term ‘information products’.

I’ve been lucky enough to stumble upon economic waves that have put me ahead of the game, in many ways.

I took my information business from originally selling DVD products, to now where I do 100% digital products.

These products are sold through a membership website, where all of the content is protected, and the purchasing process is automated.

As much as you and I want to have a business that is fully automated, it’s not always possible.

The biggest challenge for us is simply running the business of a membership site. It’s a complex business. From not only the setup, content creation, web design, and so much more.

This is where I come in with my knowledge of running a membership business all these years. I can teach you the ins-and-outs of how to set yourself up to not only have an automated-as-possible website, but also how to free your time so you can spend your time building the business.

I’m excited for this opportunity to share with you what I know, and teach you how to build a successful membership website.

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Chris Palmer

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